In his recently published book, Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting (see publications), Dr. Sabatini discusses his experiences as a school counselor and administrator with grieving adolescents.  As an independent consultant, he can review a school’s protocol and procedures for dealing with newly bereaved students.  He can also conduct staff development workshops with faculty and support staff on how adolescents experience grief, and how to address their needs. This could also include providing training to school personnel who wish to facilitate support groups for students.

Most importantly, he can assist the school in developing a crisis plan for dealing with the death of a student.  This would include the development of a crisis team consisting of key school personnel who would serve as decision makers in developing policies and procedures to implement the crisis plan.  He can also visit the school during an actual crisis and work with the crisis team on restoring normalcy, and addressing the needs of students and faculty.

Dr. Sabatini would be willing to work with individual schools or school districts at a negotiated fee in providing these services.  Please call or email him for further information.

Consultant Services for Schools

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