The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.  AFSP is the largest organization in this country dedicated to suicide prevention.  It is a non-profit entity that raises money for suicide research through community walks, social activities and business sponsorship.  Much of the most recent research points to a very strong link between mental illness and suicide.  Statistics show that over 90% of suicide completers have a diagnosable mental illness such as depression, bi-polar, or were substance abusers.   The organization also advocates at the federal and state level for legislation that supports suicide prevention.  Aside from research and advocacy, the organization also provides educational services to colleges and secondary schools, and offers support services to the family and loved ones who lost someone through suicide.  More information about the organization can be obtained by visiting their website:

Dr. Sabatini is a board member of the Long Island chapter.  He is on the education committee and works with a team of two other members.  Together they visit schools and community organizations to discuss the causes and warning signs of those who are at risk. The AFSP has developed  DVDs, one for college students and one for  high schools, that are used in the team’s presentation.  All educational services are free and school officials can arrange for a visit by contacting  Dale Camhi, Metro-NY Regional Director, AFSP, 516-869-4215.

Suicide Prevention

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