At St. Bernard's Parish in Levittown, NY, Dr. Sabatini offers a seven week, 10 hour training program for those who are interested in learning how to facilitate support groups for the newly bereaved. For over 25 years he has trained hundreds of caregivers, mental health counselors, funeral directors, clergy, school counselors, social workers, parish outreach volunteers, and health care professionals, who work with the newly bereaved.  Some of the topics included in the training are the psychodynamics of grief, the healing process after a loss, signs of complicated grief, assisting the grieving family, grieving children, parental grief, survivors of suicide, and learning how to facilitate a bereavement support group.

One of the unique features of the training is that participants are required to observe one session of a support group which meets before the training group.  Participants who meet the requirements (attend the seven weekly meetings and do one observation) will receive a certificate.

The next training program will begin Thursday, September 21 from 7:45 PM to 9:00 PM at the Parish Center of St. Bernard.

There is a $60 fee for the training and those who are interested in registering should contact Dr. Sabatini by phone at 516-799-5873 or email him at

In addition to his training program at St. Bernard, Dr. Sabatini will do onsite training for a minimum of 5 participants.  The 10 hours of training will be scheduled on the days and times that are convenient to the group.   The fee would still be $60 per participant plus travel expenses. 

Training for Caregivers of Newly Bereaved

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