This mental health service is dedicated to assisting the newly bereaved through private counseling, support groups, workshops, and through promoting a greater understanding of grief through educational programs, graduate courses and the publication of literature.   

The director of this center is Dr. Luciano Sabatini, a counseling psychologist who specializes in       bereavement. Originally a school counselor, he developed an interest in bereavement when his wife died of cancer.  As a volunteer facilitator of male bereavement support groups for the American Red Cross, he conducted a doctoral study on the effectiveness of support groups in assisting the newly bereaved.  The findings of this original research were published in the journal Omega.  He then began his own bereavement program on Long Island at St. Brigid’s Parish in Westbury.  In the 25 years of its existence, the bereavement program at St. Brigid’s has served hundreds of newly bereaved and has been one of the most important training centers on Long Island for those interested in helping the newly bereaved in parish based programs or mental health agencies.   

Additionally, Dr. Sabatini’s interest in bereavement expanded to include helping adolescents in the various schools that he served as a school counselor or director of guidance.   In Plainedge and Massapequa High Schools, each year beginning in November he facilitated a support group for students who had lost a family member.  He also participated in various crisis teams to assist schools with the death of a student.  He has recently published a book, Bereavement Counseling in the School Setting (see publications), to serve as a manual for school personnel who work with newly bereaved students.

Support groups are offered for a nominal registration fee, and private counseling is on a sliding scale fee basis.  Consultant services to school districts and mental health agencies are also available at a negotiated fee.    

Business office number:  516-799-5873

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